Summer DETOX Yoga and Meditation Retreat 2015- Bodrogi Kúria- Inárcs

Summer DETOX Yoga and Meditation Retreat (4th to 5th July 2015)
Your weekend retreat is a time to relax, focus on you, and take yourself away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Indulge in all the care and support that we can offer you while ridding your body of those old toxins that create tiredness, bloating, ongoing ailments and digestive problems.
So afford yourself the time to rejuvenate. This weekend is power packed with  fruits,antioxidant juices that will help you to kick start a new regime or maintain your already healthy lifestyle.
Some of the retreat benefits are:
Quick and easy weight loss Increased Energy & FocusActivated sense of PurposeRe-energized commitment to healthy livingReversal of the aging processYoga and Meditation
Daily yoga and meditation encourages the release of toxins, aligns the mind and heart, builds strength and balance, and establishes a new paradigm for self-care. Regardless of your experience, our yoga and meditation classes are a way to bring all skill levels together to enjoy connection as we “move” into our highest expression.

Arriving between 9 – 10 am Saturday starting with welcome antioxidant juice. 
Departing between 4.00 – 5.00pm on Sunday. 
Your day schedule on Saturday will look like this:
10 - 12: Yoga and detox breathing  exercises12-13.00: Detox drink and fruits13-15: free time, walk, reading. ME-time using the wellness area(34 hectare green pine tree estate in nature)15:00-17:00: Introduction to Ayurveda, healthy life style discussions and lectures.17.00:17.30: Detox Tea and relaxation time17.30 - 18.30: Detox relaxation Yoga18.30 - 20.00  Dinner20.00: Meditation and relaxation21:30 BED time

Your day schedule on Sunday will look like this:
6.00 - wake up
6.30-7.00 morning walk in nature
7 - 7.30: detox technique for nostrils Cleansing 
7.30 - 9.00: Yoga and detox breathing  exercises9 - 10 : Breakfast10-13 :free time, walk, reading. ME-time using the wellness area(34 hectare green pine tree estate in nature)13-14.00: Detox drink and fruits14-15: SOUND THERAPY relaxation with tibetean musical sound bowls15-16: Participants FeedbackPrices will start from £125 or 50000 Forint (all included)
Accommodation(2 PERSON PER ROOM) will be in the stunning Bodrogi Kuria Wellness Hotel.Single accomodation  possible with extra payment of £25 or 10000 Forint per person. free to browse the website
To reserve your place please send an email 
to or call 0620 433 533 5